Simple eating practices for natural healthy and happy living


Simple eating practices for natural healthy and happy living

Hi lovely people,

As per my promise here are some simple practices for natural healthy living – subject eating practices.

Please, ask if you have any questions or concerns and consider please, that the advice below is for an average person with no major health issues.

I will be available for a chat after yoga class or over a cuppa if anyone requires. 

  1. Drink 1glass of warm water (pleasant and drinkable) with 1 tea spoon of raw organic apple cider vinegar every morning after waking up. If you can drink 2 glasses it is even better. You can use fresh lemon juice as well for a change or substitute some days.
    •  You can add to the second glass: just a bit of honey (half tsp), 1-2 tsp bee pollen, 10 drops of propolis tincture.
    • Only in an acidic environment does bee pollen dissolve properly and the body manages to absorb it, please remember this! In addition, raw organic apple cider vinegar contains all the essential acids, while lemon contains only one… Vinegar restores the balance of acidity in the body, it prevents toxins from accumulating in the body, it also mineralises the body, stimulates immunity and destroys pathogens and fungi!  Propolis tincture has a powerful anti-inflammatory, antiviral, immune stimulating and general health supporting effect.  It is the perfect combination that helps to cleanse the body of toxins in the morning, gives the body the energy it needs without activating the digestive processes at all (which would otherwise interrupt the natural detoxifying morning process), but it gives all the necessary nutrients to the cells and acts as a natural “antibiotic” against all kinds of pathogens and viruses.
  2. Breakfast – Forget the myth that in the morning we have to be pretty stuffed so to have energy.  Although there are differing opinions about whether the body cleanses itself only at night or the process of eliminating toxins continues until noon, one thing is certain: You do not need to direct your body’s energy to digestive processes early in the morning.  Instead, you can use it constructively – and your stomach churning in the morning is not hunger!
    • Choose a light energetic breakfast (not a heavy bacon and eggs English style …hahahaha). 
    • Actually your breakfast can be gentle fruits like banana or any other as far your tummy is strong and can handle it. (one hour after your morning water)
    • Or small light portion of porridge with rice or almond milk and some dried fruit e.g. dates (which are high in iron) or other preferably without preservatives (you can add a bit of honey) for sweetness, some seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, sesame), nuts. Avoid supermarket boxes of readymade muesli that are full with sugar and additives.
  3. Don’t drink when you eat. Drink water at least one hour before and one hour after food and any other time during the day. Glass of wine during food from time to time is ok J
  4. Drink at least 3 litre of water per day!
  5. Choose to eat natural, pure products, less processed with no preservatives and E numbers.  Yes it’s possible J
  6. Cut the sugar and soft drinks. CUT, DELETE, REMOVE! 🙂
    • If there is craving for something sweet – make a juice from fresh fruits or buy the natural ones from a shop. Organic kombucha is a good choice too. Few dates are natural sweet “candy”. The frooze balls from nuts and dried fruits can be your sweet treat too. (We can talk more about other alternatives, please ask)
  7. Eat fresh salad as part of your lunch and dinner – you can even add cooked quinoa into the salad and this can be even a main meal some times.
    • Spice up the salad with a bit of fresh lemon (or apple cider vinegar or good organic soy sauce) and extra virgin olive oil (or avocado or sesame oil).
  8. Eat dinner earlier around 6.00 pm, latest 7.00 pm. If you feel hungry later on have a cup of herbal tea or just warm water (can add lemon). You can have some fruit as a compromise if you feel very hungry.
  9. Give the body plenty of rest to process the food from the day and to detox during the night and early morning.  Have your breakfast a bit later – earliest 9.00 am, even better 10.00 am.
  10. If you want to loose weight eat small portions but with good nutritious natural healthy foods which cover the body’s daily needs. Keep active and a happy positive mindset.  (Will talk more about it)
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